Likeable Weirdo (it_grrl) wrote in commiesharefest,
Likeable Weirdo

Three Completely Different Songs

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - What Good Is It If You Don't Use It?
What good is it / if you don't use it?
What good is it / if you keep sittin' on it?
What good is it / if you never use it?
It ain't no good to nobody!

(note: he is referring to female reproductive organs)
You know who Screamin' Jay Hawkins is, you just don't know you do. Think "I Put A Spell On You." That's Screamin' Jay. Madman, blues genius, and father of over 40 known illegitimate children. He's just a cool bastard.

Coldplay - Don't Panic
Oh, all that i know,
[is] There's nothing here to run from.
Cos yeah, everybody here
Has got somebody to lean on

The first track of the Garden State soundtrack. Trust me, you need this soundtrack.

Head Automatica - The Razor
So many suitors, I don't even have a suit to wear
So many influential fingers running through your hair
I am a razor in the hands of your heart
I am a razor in the hands of god

Head Automatica is that dude from Glassjaw and Dan the Automator's brainchild. They wear suits. That's all you need to know.

-Komrade Kat
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