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Commie Sharefest over in Cavetown
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Date:2005-07-05 15:17
Subject:harry and the potters

so, fearless leader has a request. Harry and the Potters.
i've got a lot of their songs, but some are really jacked up for some reason. namely, the human hosepipe, and the godfather part two. anyways, if anyone has any HatP they'd be willing to upload, comment here with a yousendit link, and i will compile a big post of them.

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Date:2005-06-10 07:21
Subject:Feist - Let it Die

I feel the need to give you folks her album. I'm quite smitten with her swanky style. Looks and Music wise.
Download it or I'll cut you off at the ankles. I'll understand if you're on dial up, you probably gimp the special olympics aswell.

1. Gate Keeper.
2. Mushaboom.
3. Let It Die.
4. One Evening.
5. Leisure Suite.
6. Lonely lonely.
7. When I was a young girl.
8. Secret Heart.
9. Inside and out.
10. Tout doucement
11. Now at last.

Keep up the good, and free fight,
*nods* Komrades

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Date:2005-06-08 23:49
Subject:Homework Assignment #2ish

i have some homework for you, comrades. it's a meme.

Post your current six favorite songs:
(in no specific order)
1. Neutral Milk Hotel - Two Headed Boy
2. Jets To Brazil - King Medicine
3. Belle & Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby
4. Cat Power - Sea Of Love
5. The White Stripes - Hypnotise
6. Cat Power - Say

pass it on to six people:
this is where it becomes homework. if half of you post your six songs, that oughta make six. and on that topic, get out there and pimp this place!

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Date:2005-05-04 10:03
Subject:two mostly unrelated songs.

otis redding - i love you more than words can say

the first time i heard this song, it was on a mixtape from lester, who now fronts a band called the red square forecast, though they used to be called nancy and the ray-guns, which was much more clever, if you ask me, and as far as i know, they are changing that name very soon to the kamikaze zen pilots. which reminds me a bit too much of stone temple pilots, and i am sure they will change it again rather soon.

(tenatively) the red square forecast - deanna on the ell

so, point? otis? awesome as it gets. lester and his name hopping band? pretty damn awesome in their own regard. and one of them has a myspace account. pimp pimp pimp.
no, i really don't have any shame. speaking of, hows about you all go join awesome_points, and tell em i sent ya?

-fearless leader, comrade cat.

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Date:2005-04-21 19:21

I downloaded the song that donniedicuhardt posted, so here's one from me.

The Decemberists - We Both Go Down Together

Strings with drums and bass and melancholy lyrics. Mmm....

Lyrics...Collapse )

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Date:2005-04-21 18:17
Subject:I have music you lazy bastards.

Einstürzende Neubauten - Sabrina


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Date:2005-03-29 00:07

Saul Williams - She
cemetaries are our only tended gardens.
we tend to die.

your kiss is a shallow grave.
i'm coming back.

my favorite poet. be warned, it's a 21-minute poem, 15 megs.

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Date:2005-03-24 13:44
Subject:Stuff I Heard At SXSW (and SXSW bands i dig)

The Gaskets - The Easy Life

synth duo we saw in a vintage store on guadalupe. adorable young lads. the lead singer danced at me. it's fun dancy stuff, you should give it a listen.

Eleven Eleven - Suicude Tuesday

really pretty sounding group we heard at Spider House cafe (if you ever go there, i strongly sugggest you get a Black and White). give em a listen.

Gogol Bordello - When The Trickster Starts A-Poking (Bordello Kind Of Guy)

freakish mariachi gyspy-core stuff. you just have to trust me on this one. if you like, i maybe post more.

Centro-Matic - Starfigher # 1479
Centro-Matic - Rock & Roll Eyes

denton's native sons. love them. they were playing, but i didn't get to see them, too crowded/pricey. had to put two songs, because these guys range from moshy to melancholy.

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Date:2005-03-23 15:22
Subject:Requested Pavement

I got these off of the scratch uploading thing at my college, and haven't gotten a chance to listen to them yet, so I don't know if they're any good.

The first five tracks from Slanted & Enchanted:
1. Summer Babe (Winter Version)
2. Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite At :17
3. No Life Singed Her
4. In The Mouth A Desert
5. Conduit For Sale!

The first five tracks from Terror Twilight:
1. Spit On A Stranger
2. Folk Jam
3. You Are A Light
4. Cream of Gold
5. Major Leagues

I've got the rest of those two albums if you guys like/want 'em...

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Date:2005-03-23 12:33

so, kids, help me out.
anybody got any Pavement?
ps-expect a big SXSW post soon

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Date:2005-03-03 18:48

Loud Musics for Kommrade Kat.

NIN - Terrible Lie

NIN - Dead Souls

NIN - Wish

NIN - Sin

NIN - Head Like a Hole

Orgy - Blue Monday

Orgy - Vague

Orgy - Beautiful Disgrace

Orgy - Fiction

Orgy - Dissention

Orgy - Ashamed

The Dandy Warhols - The Dope (Actually a hot song)

The Dandy Warhols - We Used to be Friends
The Song: http://s23.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0WEC9VHSC0HLD2K4B6FO4VYG5J
The Video: http://s23.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1D9BCVKP5V14V24IFGYRG1QKN8

That should do for now, eh? If not, I've got more.

I actually have Every Cake Album and Most every Dandy Warhols album, but that last one.
I'll hook anyone up with The Cake, because well they Rock. Does anyone have The BlackAlbum/Come on feel the dandys?

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Date:2005-03-03 16:52
Subject:a prayer for all things obnoxious.

okay, so i have a request.
if each of you can throw together two or three loud and obnoxious tracks from loud and obnoxious rock bands and post them up, i could sorely use them. there is bad, bad, loud, loud hip hop/r&b coming from across the hall, and asking nicely will.not.make.it.STOP. so i'm taking counter measures. i'm talking MSI, type o negative, anything you can think of that is loud and obnoxious, but not shitty. please please pleeeease?

-fearless leader

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Date:2005-02-22 07:41
Mood: groggy

Some more Elliott Smith for y'all:

Between The Bars
Miss Misery
Waltz #2

I think that I might post some local bands when I get back from class if anyone's interested!

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Date:2005-02-21 21:47

Elliot Smith - Needle In The Hay

my friend's sister made me a mix cd with this on it and it is probably already on the most played list for my itunes. speaking of which, what happened with the homework? bad commies. no socialism for you.

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Date:2005-02-10 14:32

this has to be my favorite song from the jazz era, check it out:

Loius Armstrong and Etta James - Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Also, in case you're new, we have a little homework to get things moving...

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Date:2005-02-09 23:28
Subject:How To

Posting With YouSendIt.com A Tutorial with BIG PICTURESCollapse )

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Date:2005-02-09 11:50

okay kids, your Fearless Leader has some homework for you. at least, those of you with iTunes.
go into iTunes, go to your Top 25 Most Played list, and post your top three most played tracks, no matter how embarassing.

and since i believe in leading by example...

1. Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (22 plays)
2. Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (21 plays)
3. The Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy (20 plays)

1. & 2. Leonard Cohen. Know who he is. that's homework assignment #2. greatest songwriter ever. more on that later. cohen is the only man alive who can make the lyrics "giving me head on the unmade bed" sound touching and sentimental.

3. speccygeekgrrl turned me on to this song in her weekly music posts. trust me, this bugger will get stuck in your brain for days. but it's good, so you won't care.

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Date:2005-02-06 21:43
Subject:Mondo Kommie Kistch right here, man.

First you got the standard Lou Reed:
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2I1DW94U29KJR15NW55JN5S4RJ Take a walk on the wild side

Second you got your double Dandy Warhol(both from 'Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia):
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=34ULHBXCW43SL1GXAQQIB2LW23 Country Leaver
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3H1KIESR3XF0K1GB4G504NOU99 Sleep

Third, you got your Jazz/Old/mixed:
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0YM73E4NUGOXM3OU09IUA1JET7 Louis Armstrong - Do you know what it means to miss new orleands
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0WINRVLTLQ6MG18FVY1AL9R9C7 Louis Armstrong - Sugar
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1S52GTWDEAVRW3NZDX0MF6F4D7 Patsy Cline - Walking after midnight
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1ZW1TNKYNVBPJ133I9LHFKV5G8 Elvis Costello - Dancing in the moon light
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1SUDF7ZK2UD0Z3N8J3L8VZIW9U William Shatner - Lucy in the sky with diamonds
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0GYLOIPFFRV6T2390RCLD0ZLY9 CCR - I put a spell on you
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3JC69P2975FDZ199WD6GAEW0L3 PJ Harvey - I put a spell on you
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2MLFPKMDP3BT627OM5E4EXTMGE Louis Armstrong - Mood Indigo

Fourth you got your French Fuck fest(music not porn you sick bastard), I'm not bother labelling them, take a chance:

Fifth The Bunny Men:
http://s24.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3R1VAG9IEARYP3EFL7HLY3577H 'The Killing Moon'

That is all for now.

Am I a commrade now?
"The party's at Komrades, so we're having a communist party!"
*sigh* there's a waynes world quote for everything in life.

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Date:2005-02-04 12:24

if any of you kids happen to be on myspace, i strongly suggest having a listen to Nancy and the Ray-Guns.
they are a group of damn talented childrens, probably the only decent band to come out of my hometown. i'll try to swipe a cd from those dopes next time i'm home, and get some actual mp3's up, cos this format kinda sucks...
-Comrade Cat

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Date:2005-01-27 13:40
Subject:Three Completely Different Songs

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - What Good Is It If You Don't Use It?
What good is it / if you don't use it?
What good is it / if you keep sittin' on it?
What good is it / if you never use it?
It ain't no good to nobody!

(note: he is referring to female reproductive organs)
You know who Screamin' Jay Hawkins is, you just don't know you do. Think "I Put A Spell On You." That's Screamin' Jay. Madman, blues genius, and father of over 40 known illegitimate children. He's just a cool bastard.

Coldplay - Don't Panic
Oh, all that i know,
[is] There's nothing here to run from.
Cos yeah, everybody here
Has got somebody to lean on

The first track of the Garden State soundtrack. Trust me, you need this soundtrack.

Head Automatica - The Razor
So many suitors, I don't even have a suit to wear
So many influential fingers running through your hair
I am a razor in the hands of your heart
I am a razor in the hands of god

Head Automatica is that dude from Glassjaw and Dan the Automator's brainchild. They wear suits. That's all you need to know.

-Komrade Kat

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