Likeable Weirdo (it_grrl) wrote in commiesharefest,
Likeable Weirdo

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two mostly unrelated songs.

otis redding - i love you more than words can say

the first time i heard this song, it was on a mixtape from lester, who now fronts a band called the red square forecast, though they used to be called nancy and the ray-guns, which was much more clever, if you ask me, and as far as i know, they are changing that name very soon to the kamikaze zen pilots. which reminds me a bit too much of stone temple pilots, and i am sure they will change it again rather soon.

(tenatively) the red square forecast - deanna on the ell

so, point? otis? awesome as it gets. lester and his name hopping band? pretty damn awesome in their own regard. and one of them has a myspace account. pimp pimp pimp.
no, i really don't have any shame. speaking of, hows about you all go join awesome_points, and tell em i sent ya?

-fearless leader, comrade cat.
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